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Tailored services for exquisite living

Freeing your time.

Remote accessibility.

Thriving in chaos

Innovative bespoke solutions.

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From childhood dreams of changing the world to realising that impactful change often begins with providing invaluable support to those already at the top, I've learned that my superpower is being the right hand to these individuals, learning to speak their language.


I was determined to make a meaningful impact, regardless of any challenges. I dedicated myself to my studies, earning a Bachelor's degree in Politics and International Relations, followed by a double Master’s in Diplomacy and International Law.

Initially, I dreamed of saving the world through the NGO sector. However, I discovered my true passion for systems, operations, and making a tangible difference in people’s lives one-on-one. This led me to a career as an Executive and Personal Assistant, specialising in operations management.

When COVID-19 hit, my work shifted to a fully remote setting, and it was a revelation. The incredible benefits of remote work—flexibility, availability, and a laser focus on efficiency—were undeniable. I found immense joy in creating streamlined processes that allow top-level professionals to concentrate on their grand visions while I handle the intricate details.

As an Executive Personal Assistant, I offer bespoke, high-end support to luxury clients who demand nothing but the best. Transforming chaos into order is my speciality, enabling my clients to achieve their goals with elegance and ease.

Imagine having an extra 11-24 hours of free time each week. Envision the peace of a zero-inbox feeling and the assurance that every detail, both large and small, is meticulously managed. That’s the level of service I bring.

My clients often tell me that my ability to anticipate their needs and provide proactive solutions is invaluable. Whether it’s organising an international business trip, managing a prestigious event, or simply ensuring your daily operations run flawlessly, I deliver exceptional service with the utmost discretion and integrity.

If you’re a high-achieving professional who values efficiency and desires a partner to navigate your demanding lifestyle, let’s have a conversation. I’d love to discuss how I can support you in reclaiming your time, reducing stress, and enhancing your productivity.

I'm Olivia

Olivia - VA

How I learn your Language

Customised Bespoke Plans

Because everyone is different and works differently!

Executive Assistance

Top-level administration, travel management and organisation


Systems and processes to stay on top of things

Event/ Project Management

Planning, executing and assigning tasks with efficiency

Ad hoc tasks

Personal errands, research projects, the list goes on!

Tools for bespoke lifestyle management
Personal assistant desk
Executive Assistant home office

Did you know:

We check our emails up to 36 times an hour 

(up to  8 hours each week)

We spend up to 16 hours every week on administration

An average of 41% items never leave a to-do list

What would you do with an extra 24 hours every week?

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"After establishing my consulting company, I needed support in establishing a website and setting up communication tools. Olivia - VA efficiently and professionally provided the skill and support I needed. Thanks Olivia and I hope more people receive the benefit of your professional assistance!"

Tim Piper, Fairpiper Consulting

Why work remotely?

Operating remotely means more flexibility! We're not limited by the old 9 - 5, where I'm not contactable outside these hours... we set the rules!

What about urgent tasks?

Not a problem! When we work out our optimal way of working, we also work out a system to address urgent tasks and emergencies. Together we make these solutions work!

What are 'tailored services'?

We work together to address your top priorities and general lifestyle, the optimal ways of working together, and a plan of attack to tailor operations to minimise your stress and maximise your day-to-day living!

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